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Future Study Abroad Students

Why you should study abroad

The ACES Education Abroad Office and Illinois International have many different program types catering to all types of students. No matter your degree plan, you can accomplish a lot by going abroad. More information on which program might be right for you can be found in the How to Choose a Program section of the site.

Fulfill Degree Requirements

Earn credit abroad in your major, minor and general education requirements, allowing you to graduate on time! Most students can easily go abroad for a full semester without affecting planned graduation dates. Multiple opportunities exist for shorter trips during the summer and even over winter break.

Gives you an edge in the job market

Consider your career plans when choosing a study abroad program. You can impress prospective employers by gaining a global outlook and diverse perspectives and language competency. You can even complement your major through the ACES International minor . Study abroad increases your understanding of other cultures, equipping you to work better with people from all over the world while you develop problem-solving skills and become more flexible. Build your resume abroad by learning a language, participating in an internship or research, and becoming involved in your new community through volunteering.