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My New Zealand Summer

 Kenny Nguyen-TSM: ACES in New Zealand Massey University Summer Internship
Kenny Nguyen-TSM: ACES in New Zealand Massey University Summer Internship


“Seven weeks, Two Islands, and thirteen cities later I’ve learned that travel is the only thing you buy that actually makes you richer.” 

Having the opportunity to immerse myself into the agricultural systems in New Zealand was truly eye opening as I was able to pick up some new and different ways to farm more efficiently.  Some of their practices include land rotations to avoid overusing the soil.  Another innovative method was pastoral farming which utilizes both cattle and sheep to take care of crops.  Once-a-day milking is new concept at No. 1 Dairy farm as well as the general milking method in the United States is twice-a-day milking.  Low input farming was very surprising to me as well as farms tried to utilize everything on the farm to feed and care for the animals without buying or importing products from other farms.  This method tried to keep everything contained within one location so that further helps lowering emissions due to transporting the material.   

This was truly  an enriching experience that cemented my career aspirations through immersing myself in the New Zealand agribusiness culture.  The opportunity to work with and intern for an international business gave me the insight to appreciate the complexities within corporations at home.  

— Kenny Nguyen, TSM

Ima Eno-FSHN: Globalization and Urban Inequalities in Cape Town

My experience in Cape Town was definitely one of a kind. Everyday I woke up to a beautiful view of the mountains and was awaited by adventure. I learned a lot about myself and the culture in Cape Town. My group made a trip to the Nelson Mandela Museum and this was by far one of the most meaningful events for me. I say this because as a student of color, Nelson Mandela is someone that I have grown up hearing about and learning about everything he went through. I never would’ve thought that I’d get the chance to step into the prison he spent 18 years in. I never would’ve thought that I’d get to take a boat ride in an ocean that he once did. So for me, this was a meaningful moment in my trip because it felt surreal.

Overall, I was given a better picture of what globalization looks like first hand and how inequalities exist in other countries than our own. I am so glad I took this trip because it opened my eyes to so many things, people, lifestyles and gratitude. I enjoyed building bonds and getting closer with my classmates in a Country none of us had been to! We have memories that will last a lifetime and I’m so thankful. In just two weeks, I have grown tremendously as a person and made connections that I could not have made any other way. My learning style was upgraded through this trip with active learning and experience. Education is about transformation! When you travel, sometimes you take a journey into yourself and I love that. ​

I can not wait to go back to Cape Town! This trip felt like a dream come true.