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Scholarship Requirements

In return for receiving the ACES Study Abroad Scholarship recipients must complete the following

1.   Write a 1.5-2 page, single-spaced reflection and evaluation of your study abroad experience, answering questions such as:

  • What did you learn through this program?
  • Which events were most meaningful to you and why?
  • What does the experience mean to your academic/career plans?
  • How did the experience affect you as a person?
  • Which individuals whom you encountered or which events contributed to those feelings, thoughts, and plans?
  • Make sure to include your name, and the session (ie.SummerStudyTour2017) in which you went on the trip.

2.   Follow us on Instagram @acesstudyabroad and like our page on Facebook!

  • Help us improve our social media campaign by posting photos using our hashtags, #ACESabroad   #ILLINOISabroad  

3.   Attend the fall semester returnee workshop hosted by ACES Study Abroad & ACES Career Services, "Leveraging your Study Abroad Experience."

  • This workshop will help you to better articulate your study abroad experience on your resume and in an interview setting
  • Graduating seniors participating in a program during their graduating term are exempt from this fall semester workshop
  • Fall 2019 workshop will be offered at 5pm on Wednesday October 9 in the Heritage Room of the ACES Library

4.   Submit a photo gallery: by using the following link, email 10-15 of the top (appropriate*) photos you took while abroad. Submit photos as an attachment here.

  • Please save your photos in JPEG format as: LastName_Country_Year (eg. Johnson_France_2018)
  • Program-related pictures that feature the host university, classrooms/labs, living quarters, host family (if applicable), field experience, etc.
  • No more than 5 photos from extended travel

*Appropriate Photos means no alcohol, illegal substances or weapons, photos of other who have not agreed to have their picture taken, and no photos that represent your trip in a negative light. Be selective about the content you share.  As yourself: Would this be something I would want my family to see?  Would I want it on the front page of the newspaper? How I am representing the University of Illinois?


  • Spring/Academic Year/Summer - September 15; Fall/Winter Break - February 15;  Spring Break - April 1
  • Dates falling on Saturday or Sunday are due in College of ACES Study Abroad office the following Monday
  • Project must be turned in before the credit from your study abroad program can be evaluated.


Scholarship Requirements Not Fulfilled

Students who do not complete scholarship reporting requirements by the deadline will be required to pay the scholarship back and will not be eligible for future study abroad scholarships.



Notify you have any problems with submissions.