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Faculty-Led Program Proposals

The successful numbers of students who study abroad are made possible through the hard work of dedicated faculty and staff who invest an incredible amount of their time and energy to share their international education passion with our students. As ACES continues to expand our global reach, we are committed to helping our students become globally relevant by offering study abroad programs that focus on quality, diversity and accessibility.

Faculty and Staff who are interested in running a program over the winter break, spring break or summer must complete an online pre-proposal planning form by July 31 for the following academic year. It is strongly encouraged to set-up a meeting with the Director of Education Abroad early on in the planning process. We recommend a minimum of 6 months advance notice to run a program.

Recommendations for Faculty-Led Policies/Procedures

Semester Study Abroad Program Proposals

  • Criteria (Student to Student Exchange).
  • Verify the school/location does not already exist.
  • Quality and prominence of the partner school.
  • Is this a school we should consider being affiliated with?  We need to consider the reputation/activity of the school so we are comfortable aligning courses and students together.
  • Geographical distribution around the world.
  • How many agreements are currently in the same country, region, city? Do we need another one?
  • Level of activity w/possible exchange school (grad/u-grad/faculty).
  • Current faculty involvement w/school (department or admin).
  • Course/research related?
  • Potential interest of ACES students. How will balances be maintained i.e., interest in ACES students going abroad?
  • Are there any existing formal relationships? Can they be joined (why/why not?) What is the difference from the existing relationship?
  • Uniqueness of program. What will be offered to students to make the program stand out (to students and college)?
  • Scope of proposed agreement. What ACES areas/departments will it accommodate?
  • When considering an exchange, ACES typically prefers to be able to invite students from all disciplines to participate. Priority or a set number of slots can be given to the specific department requesting the exchange. 
  • The advantage to ACES Faculty of the proposed activity.

Process to Establish an Exchange Agreement

Please note that student exchange agreements are legally binding documents, and require us to commit finances in terms of tuition and partial fee waivers. They differ from the Research MOU which does not commit financial resources.

  • Submit proposal to the Director of Education Abroad Programs in ACES that includes the above information.
  • After submitting the Director will respond with questions and to suggest a meeting for further discussion.
  • If proposal is accepted, the Director will follow-up with questionnaire regarding specific information for host site.
  • Once all information is received, the Director will initiate the process to establish the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
  • A draft of the MOA will be distributed to ACES faculty and requested partner to verify content.
  • Once approved a final MOA (with any suggested changes/updates) will be sent to host institution for signature.
  • ACES Education Abroad will then set up a program application in the application system for students to apply.