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How to choose a program

Start planning early and figure out what is best for you

What is most important to you – Location? Cost? Available courses? What do you want from the experience? Are you a veteran traveler or more likely to want the security of extra assistance from program administrators in residence at the international location? Do you meet the requirements (e.g. grade point average, year in college, completed prerequisite courses, etc)? Study abroad programs are all unique so the more you know about programs of interest, the better you can plan. Begin with an understanding of the different types of programs. Before students assume that they are unable to participate in an international activity, they should explore the many options available. New short term programs are being developed every year to accommodate the needs of different students.

Do your research and obtain information about programs of possible interest

  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair
  • Go to an information meeting
  • Check into financial aid and scholarships
  • Discuss your plans to study abroad with your academic adviser, including courses of interest and possible equivalencies
  • Visit the ACES Education Abroad Office, 123 Mumford Hall, and meet with an Adviser

Make sure you meet the requirements of the program you want

A fairly universal requirement for all semester programs is completion of at least one year of course work on the Illinois campus, or one semester in the case of transfers from off campus. Students must prove they can succeed academically in college before tackling a new environment.

  • Most programs have a minimum grade point average for the same reason
  • There may be a minimum language requirement depending on the program
  • Plan to complete any preparatory courses prior to departure so you are prepared for the courses offerings at your host school (DO NOT ASSUME CERTAIN COURSES WILL BE AVAILABLE)

Because business exchange programs are contractual agreements between our College and a Partner University who agree to “exchange” an even number of students, there is a limit to the number of students accepted. The College wants to send students who will embrace the opportunity, represent Illinois in a positive light, and generally act as ambassadors and model American citizens. Therefore, the exchange program requirements are:

  • Must be enrolled in the College of ACES at the time of participation
  • Minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA. Other equally important criteria include character, number of completed hours, activities both within and outside your major, leadership qualities, and a demonstrated commitment to international business

Find programs by your major

Don't want to go on a program based on your major? Search by other criteria at www.studyabroad.illinois.