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Program Costs

Calculate Your Current Costs

By calculating your current costs you can determine if a semester or summer abroad is feasible for you financially. Keep in mind that some countries are more expensive than others and that you may not be allowed/able to work while abroad. 

Calculate Program Costs & Establish a Study Abroad Budget

Each of the programs offered through the ACES Education Abroad Office and the University of Illinois have budget sheets attached to the top left hand side of their program page. These budget sheets are not comprehensive, but do give a good estimate of how much your program cost. Don't forget to figure in any additional expenses such as travel that may add to your overall study abroad budget. 

Cost Comparisons

To help both in your decision to study abroad and/or budgeting for your study abroad program, the following cost comparisons may provide some guidance.

Downloadable PDF of Cost Comparisons

For all programs

  • For specific program budget, check out the individual program budget page for the program of interest at
  • All rates based 2016-17 rates.
  • Students may also apply for a variety of scholarships.