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AYRE International Research and Learning Fellowships

Through the generous support from the Robert and Barbara AYRE farm income, funding is now available to support graduate and undergraduate students. AYRE awardees usually cannot also receive any of the other ACES study abroad scholarships.

  • For Graduate Students this money can only be used for conference travel
  • For Undergraduate Students this money is used for research independent of any existing study abroad program. 
Application procedure
  • Applicants must submit a two-page proposal to the ACES Study Abroad Office. This proposal must include a description of the project, research, demonstration, or course work to be conducted abroad.
  • In the proposal, the applicant needs to explain how the proposed project, research, demonstration, or course work abroad pertains to areas of research or teaching conducted in his/her department.
  • The proposal must include a detailed budget, which also depicts other sources of funding available (e.g., departmental support, personal funds).
  • A letter of reference from a faculty member must accompany the application. In this letter, the faculty member is asked to evaluate the student’s proposal, his/her academic record as well as the promise of success of the applicant in his/her chosen profession.

Applications are accepted once a semester. Please check back for dates and a new application process.

Funding schedule

The amount awarded depends on the duration of the experience, but also on the actual cost of the planned experience as documented in the budget. As a guideline the amounts will be:

  • 2 to 4 weeks: $1,000
  • 4 to 8 weeks: $2,000
  • 8 to 12 weeks: $3,000
  • 1 semester or longer: $4,000
  • Financial support in the order of $300-500 for attending conferences abroad may also be requested but such proposals will be given lower priority than longer periods abroad.

Note: These funds are intended especially to encourage those students who have not studied abroad before to at least do so during their graduate studies. Many of our graduate students were born and raised outside the United States and therefore are already having an international experience by being here at Illinois. They are still eligible for support through this fund but only if the proposed research, study, etc. is to be conducted outside their home country and outside the United States.