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Plan Your Degree


ACES students should meet with the academic advisors in their majors at least once a semester. Establishing a positive working relationship with your advisor can help you be successful in pursuit of your degree and beyond. Find out more about Academic Advising in ACES.

Planning your Courses

First year students must enroll in ACES 101, which will help them in their transition to U of I. In this course, you will create an eight-semester plan for your degree program. As you move through your college years, you should update that plan each semester so that you keep on track to graduate in four years. Here is a sample X Semester Plan sheet to help you plan your degree. 

Find Out More about Available Courses

The Course Explorer will let you know which courses are available by semester. You can also search the Course Explorer, and see the list of approved General Education courses, by clicking the tabs at the top of the Course Explorer pages. To find out which semester a course has been offered historically, find the course in the Course Explorer, and click the "list of terms offered" link in the upper right of the page. If you would like to see all the courses a department offers, see the Courses of Instruction listing in the Academic Catalog.

Transfer Courses

Don't assume that credit earned at another institution will automatically count toward your degree in ACES. See our Credit FAQs to learn about which credit applies, what it applies to, and how to make it apply.

Tracking your Progress

Each semester you should review your DARS/Degree Audit. The DARS shows exactly which courses are required to complete your degree program, and it also shows how all the credit you have earned is counting toward your degree program. If you have taken courses at another institution, they will be included in your DARS. If they aren't, you need to send an official transcript to have the credit transferred.

Add a Minor

Are you interested in pursuing another field, but not as a major? Learn about undergraduate minors in ACES, as well as minors in other units across campus.

Changing/Adding a Major

Many students decide they would like to change their major, or possibly add a 2nd major.

If you want to add a second (dual) degree in a program outside of the College of ACES, you should consult with the other department and college about the procedures for adding a second degree in their college.

Thinking about Careers or Graduate School?

The College of ACES is committed to helping you take that next step after graduation. To help you prepare, all ACES students should utilize the services and information provided by ACES Career Services.

If you are interested in going on to graduate school, your undergraduate plan of study should include visiting with faculty in your area of interest, speaking to current graduate students, engaging in undergraduate research, and presenting that research.