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Ready to Graduate?

As you start your last semester of coursework, use this checklist to make sure you are ready to graduate. For information specifically about the convocation ceremonies, visit the ACES Graduation and Convocation website.

  • Register for graduation in your last term. When you register for the term in which you will complete all degree requirements, in UI Self-Service, choose the option that indicates you are graduating this term. That selection puts your name on the degree list. 
    • In the main menu, select “Graduation”
    • Next, select “Apply to Graduate”
    • Check the appropriate term
    • Submit
  • If you do not need at least 12 hours to graduate and you do not need to be enrolled full-time for any other reason, you may request to have an underload in your last semester. See the Part-time Request for Graduating Seniors in the last term form.
  • Check your degree audit.
    • At the top of the audit, it should say "All requirements complete using in progress courses"
      If it does not, you need to meet with your advisor to find out which requirement is missing and why.
    • In addition, if you completed the first step, your degree audit should say, "Attention, this student is on the spring/fall/summer degree list"
      If it does not, you can have your name added to the degree list by requesting it be added in 128 Mumford Hall.
    • Here is an image example of what the degree audit should look like: screen shot of the top of a degree audit saying all requirements complete
    • If there are any problems with your audit, see your advisor or visit the Records Officer in 128 Mumford.
  • Register to attend the College of ACES Graduation and Convocation Ceremonies.
  • Note that a "Pending Graduation' registration hold is placed on all graduating students. This hold will not prevent you from receiving transcripts or earning your diploma. 
  • Diplomas will arrive in the mail typically within 9 weeks after graduation. If you need a transcript documenting completion of your degree sooner than that, you may order it from the Office of the Registrar, and ask that it be held until the degree is posted.