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Grade Replacement or Credit/No Credit Options

Grade Replacement

The grade replacement policy allows a student to re-take a course and include only the second grade earned in their GPA calculation.

The original grade remains on your permanent record and is flagged with an “R” for “replacement. Only the grade in the second attempt will be included in calculation of your grade point average.

Intent to use grade replacement must be filed in 128 Mumford Hall during the first half of the semester in which the course is repeated (e.g., the first eight weeks of the fall or spring term for a 16-week course or the first four weeks of any eight-week course). Grade replacement forms submitted past the deadline will not be accepted without an accompanying Special Request petition detailing extenuating circumstances as the reason why the form was not submitted by the posted deadline.

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Credit/No Credit

The credit/no-credit grading option is designed to encourage student exploration into areas of academic interest that they might otherwise avoid for fear of poor grades.

ACES students need to complete our Credit/No Credit Statement of Understanding and submit it with the CR/NC form.

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