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Forms and Petitions

Below is a list of the different petitions avaialble to students. Please read through the different requriements carefully. Please e-mail ACES-Academics for any questions or petition submissions. 

Adding a Second Major
Double Major

This online form is for students enrolled in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences wishing to complete major requirements for two majors within the college. The form must be completed in full and submitted for review by the college's Academic Programs office, 128 Mumford Hall no later than 5:00 p.m. of the tenth day of classes in the term of expected graduation. 

Dual Degree - concurrently

This form is for students enrolled in other colleges on the University of Illinois campus wishing to complete major requirements for receiving a College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences degree.

The form needs to be completed in full and submitted for review by the Academic Programs office. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain and submit with this form any documentation that supports the request. This form must be submitted to Academic Programs/128 Mumford Hall or by email (ACES-Academics@illinois.eduno later than 5:00 p.m. of the first day of classes one calendar year prior to the term of your graduation.

Concurrent Enrollment Form

University of Illinois students who want to take courses at Parkland College during the summer, fall, or spring terms must download, carefully read, and fill out the appropriate Concurrent Enrollment form.
Form for U.S. resident students
Form for international students

Course Substitution 

Petitions are to be submitted for all requests of substitutions for required courses. The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences does not waive total hours required in a degree program. Requests to make a substitution for a required course should be made prior to enrolling in the alternative course; having completed the alternative course does not assure approval. Course substitutions are not approved based on course descriptions. Syllabi for the required and replacement courses must contain a list of topics and must be attached to the request unless the course is listed here

The College strongly encourages students to consult their academic advisor about the possible implications of selecting the credit/no credit option. If you missed the deadline and still would like to be considered for CR/NC, please include reasoning for missing the deadline within the desginated area on the CR/NC form. 

The credit/no-credit grading option is designed to encourage student exploration into areas of academic interest that they might otherwise avoid for fear of poor grades. Students must choose the credit/no credit option during the first half of the course term (e.g., the first eight weeks of the semester, the fourth week of the summer session, or by the fourth week of an eight-week course), or before completing half the lessons of a correspondence course. 

Students can technically place any course on Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) status. However, if a course is being used for any specific degree requirement, the student will have to retake it for a letter grade. 

If you are on academic probation, you may not use the CR/NC option.

Instructors are not notified if a course is elected as CR/NC and will award a grade for the course. A grade of C- or better to receive credit for the course. The course will be counted in the total credit hours, but not in the GPA.

Two courses per semester (one course per summer session) is allowed when using the CR/NC grading option. 18 hours of CR/NC grading may apply toward the minimum needed for graduation.

Please note that taking a course CR/NC is not a good way to avoid poor grades.

Drop a Course after the Deadline
This petition is required if you request to drop a course after midpoint of the class. In the case of extenuating circumstances, special administrative exceptions to the campus deadline may be made. The petition must include relevant documentation, as the request will not be reviewed/considered without these documents.

You can drop a course any time until the midpoint of the term in which the course is offered unless:

  • The drop would cause you to carry fewer than 12 hours.
  • You are trying to drop your last course - i.e., dropping to zero hours for the semester.
  • You are a freshman (fewer than 30 hours completed) and the course you want to drop is a required introductory course, such as math, chemistry, Comp. I (RHET or CMN), ACES 101, or the introductory course in your major.
  • If it is during the summer term and it is your only course, you will be required to fill out a withdrawal form instead this petition.

It is wise to see an advisor before dropping any course to discuss reasons for dropping it and the implications the drop will have for progress toward degree completion. If it's a required course, be sure the class is offered again prior to graduation. Also be aware that dropping to fewer than 12 hours will cause a student to be classified as a part-time student (underload), which may have implications on eligibility for financial aid, insurance, and scholarships. Permission to drop after the deadline will be granted only in cases of documented extenuating circumstances. Depending on your other enrollment and the timing, you might be eligible for some refund of tuition and fees

Grade Replacement Form

To submit a grade replacement, students must understand the following rules:

  • Students may use for grade replacement up to a total of four distinct courses, not to exceed a maximum of 10 semester hours.
  • All hours must be taken at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Cross-listed courses must be taken in the same department as the original instance, and variable credit courses must be taken for the same number of credit hours when repeated for grade replacement.
  • Courses may be repeated for grade replacement only in those cases in which students received grades of C- or lower on the first attempt. 
  • There must have been no finding of an academic integrity violation in the first attempt.
  • A course may be repeated for grade replacement only once.

Intent to use grade replacement must be filed during the first half of the term in which the course is repeated. 

When the Grade Replacement Policy is used, the original grade remains on your permanent record and is flagged with an “R” for “replacement.” Only the grade earned in the second attempt will be included in calculation of your grade point average. It is important to note that most graduate programs, including vet schools and law schools, still use the original instance of the course in calculating your GPA, even if grade replacement was applied. Grade Replacement Calculator

Incomplete Grade Request

An incomplete grade ("I"), as defined by the Student Code (§3-104), may be requested by a student who is experiencing an extenuating circumstance (i.e. a serious illness, personal injury, death in the immediate family, etc.) that is inhibiting the student from completing the remaining coursework by the end of the term. All students requesting an “I” grade must complete this form for each course they wish to receive an extension and incomplete grade. If approved by the College of ACES, students must work with the instructor for the course to complete all remaining coursework by the designated deadline, which is typically, the deadline to drop a full semester course in the subsequent semester (published on the campus website). Incomplete grades that are not substituted with a final grade by this deadline will be marked as a failing grade (“F”). 

Late Course Change Form

This form is to be used when adding a course or changing sections after the deadline to add a course.

Minor Forms

Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program at the U of I are not required to complete a minor for degree certification. However, many find this a desirable opportunity to study at some depth in a subject matter of additional interest to their major field of study. To officially pursue a minor on this campus, students must be aware of the information and follow the procedures outlined by the Provost.

  • Intent to Pursue a Minor
    ACES student who would like to add a minor to their degree program can complete this form with the help of the minor advisor. 

  • Minor Drop Form
    ACES students who intend to drop their minor from their degree need to fill out this minor drop form. 

  • Minor Modification Form
    ACES students who need to substitute a course required for their minor should complete this form and email it ( or drop it off in 128 Mumford Hall. 

Non-Degree Status

Required if you:

  • have completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and are requesting to take additional course work
  • have previously been classified as non-degree and desire to take additional coursework in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at non-degree status.

This form is used to request enrollment in more than 18 hours in the Fall or Spring term or for enrollment in more than 9 hours for the summer term. Overload requests will be considered with the following:

  • Student must be in good academic standing (not on probation).
  • Most will not be processed until after grades are posted for the current term.
  • A University of Illinois GPA is required to be reviewed before a student may request an overload.
  • Overload requests will not be processed until after priority registration ends in the term in which the request is submitted. For Spring registration, this is typically around fall break and for fall, this is typically around July 15. 
Part-time Request

Part-time enrollment for undergraduates is an exception to policy and must be requested using this form.


Required if you:

  • U.S. Resident and have been away from the U of I for more than two consecutive semesters - OR - International student and have been away from the U of I for one or more semesters;
  • placed on academic drop status (dropped from the university for academic reasons);
  • left the university on academic probation;
  • left and are now applying to a different academic program/major/concentration;
  • left and was placed on 'must petition' status by Office of Academic Programs, 128 Mumford Hall (e.g. because of withdrawal after the 12th week of classes).
    Re-Entry for a Second Degree

    Required if you:

    • have completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois, and
    • are seeking a second bachelor's degree in a College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences program.
    Re-Evaluate Drop Status

    This petition can be completed by students appealing being put on drop status at the end of the previous semester.  A link to this petition is included in the letter placing a student on drop status, or can be obtained by contacting ACES Academic Programs.

    Registered Student Organization Fund Request

    All proposals for funding requests for registered student organizations will be reviewed at the department level and then in Academic Programs. Organizations must seek funding and/or approval from the department before submitting the proposal to Academic Programs.  RSOs must be actively involved in ACES Council for their request to be considered.

    Retroactive Withdrawal/Retroactive Course Drops

    This petition is for undergraduate students in the College of ACES who are requesting to withdraw from a semester (or drop individual courses) after the conclusion of the final examination and/or submission of final grades for that term.  The College of ACES will only consider this petition for students who experienced extraordinary extenuating circumstances beyond the students’ control that prevented them from initiating a withdrawal or course drop during the past semester.  (Note: If you were enrolled in a different college on campus during the semester you are attempting to retroactively withdraw or drop courses, you must contact that college to make this request.) If you no longer have access to your Illinois NetID and passwork, please fill out the PDF version of the petition found here

    Withdrawal/Cancellation Form

    Petition used to withdraw or cancel enrollment from the university. See our academic calendars for information on official academic dates, including the deadlines for adding and dropping classes that may affect this request.

    Summer Term Withdrawal/Cancellation Form

    Students can still request a cancellation through Student Self-Service by using the ‘Cancel Registration’ option through May 12th.  Use this cancellation form, Summer Course - Cancellation Form, to drop of ALL Summer 2 term Course(s), June 10th – August 1st. This must be done PRIOR to the first day of classes, midnight, June 9th.  All others use the regular Withdrawal/Cancellation Form.

    Special Request

    This petition form is to make requests for which there is not a specific form listed above.