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Credit FAQs

Credit FAQs

1. Advanced Placement (AP) Examination Credit
How do I know if my AP test score will give me credit?

Incoming freshman can see the tests and scores here, Current students can look here,, to see what should be reflected in their DARS audit.

What if my AP credit isn’t showing in my DARS audit?

If enough time has passed that the scores should have been received here, and the credit isn’t showing, we probably did not receive the scores. Contact the testing agency, and ask that the scores be sent again to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Can I take AP tests again, now that I am an Illinois student?

No. AP tests must be taken prior to enrolling in any college-level courses.

Where can I find out more about AP scores?

See the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning website,

2. Placement Tests and Proficiency Credit
What is proficiency credit?

You can earn credit in many introductory courses (and some advanced courses) by getting a high enough score on a proficiency examination. To learn more about the most common proficiency exams at Illinois, go to About Proficiency Exams or check with the department offering the course you want to earn credit for to learn about exam schedules and other requirements.

What kinds of proficiency exams can I take?

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning keeps a list of all placement and proficiency tests the University offers, eligibility policies, and how to sign up for applicable tests. This is also where you find out what placement message you receive/what credit you’ve earned for tests you’ve taken.

Proficiency Examinations include: Advanced Placement (AP) Credit, Advanced Level (A Level) Credit, International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit, and LOTE (“Language Other Than English”) Departmental Proficiency Exams. Some other departments also offer proficiency exams.

Go to for information about placement and proficiency testing, including policies, dates, links to more information, and a link to online placement tests.

How does proficiency credit show up on my academic record?

Any test-based proficiency will be noted in your academic record by the course for which you received the credit and a grade of “PS” or pass. These hours will be applied toward your degree completion, but will not affect your GPA.

How do I sign up for a proficiency test?

You need to contact the department responsible for the subject to ask if a proficiency test is offered for a course, and then arrange with them to take the test. 

What is a placement test?

Placement tests are used to determine at which level you should begin your study in a specific subject. The most common subjects for which placement testing is used are math, chemistry, and foreign languages.

How do I sign up for a placement test?

Students needing to take a test, go to

What is the ALEKS test?

The ALEKS test is our math placement test. You can learn more about the ALEKS Math Placement Exam here,

3. Transferring Credit from Other Institutions
What courses can I transfer from other institutions?

You can receive transfer credit for any course that has been approved for transfer by the University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. That office, together with the university's colleges and departments, regularly evaluates courses offered at Illinois community colleges, as well as any work from other institutions submitted by students wishing to transfer credit here.

Determining how transfer credits are applied to satisfy your graduation requirements can be complicated. Credit for a course may transfer or it may articulate to be equal to credit for an Illinois course.

What’s the difference between transferring and articulating?

Transfer means the credit hours can be applied toward your Illinois program completion.  Articulate means that a course from another institution equals an Illinois course, and could be used to meet a specific requirement. So a course credit might transfer, but it might not articulate.

How do I know if my course will transfer or articulate?

You can see how courses at community colleges and four-year institutions across the country transfer to the University of Illinois using the Transferology™ link:

The first time you access Transferology™, you will be asked to create an account.  Enter your first and last name and an email address to create an account. Make sure the email address is one that you check regularly so that when a U of I advisor reaches out to you, you will see the message.

Once you've created your account, you'll add the courses that you’ve taken, or that you plan to take, from the school(s) you are transferring from. Once you’ve added all the courses that you want, click the View Matches button. The University of Illinois will appear at the top of the list of results (if you used the above link – otherwise you will need to scroll through the list to find us.*) Click the large % Match button to the left of our name to see how your classes may transfer to the U of I. The “Matches” tab will show you the courses that already have defined transfer equivalencies. The “Misses” tab will show you courses that have already been evaluated but have been determined not to transfer (or you may see additional courses that you could take to meet a different equivalency). If you see a “Maybe” tab, this will show you the courses that have not been evaluated yet – for these courses, please work with your advisor if you are a current student to see how these courses can be articulated. If you are a prospective student, please work with the ACES Transfer Coordinator for more information. If you add any courses to your profile that you may have already taken at the U of I, they will appear on a tab that reads “Taken Here.”

If your course isn’t listed here, the course needs to go through the articulation process.

How do I send my course through the articulation process?

Current applicant and enrolled Illinois students can have courses articulated by sending a copy of the complete syllabus to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The syllabus must contain, at minimum, the institution name, credit hours or meeting times, assignments on which the grade is based, and a class by class list of topics. Prospective students will need to wait until an application to Illinois has been submitted to have courses articulated.

How do I get my credit added to my Illinois record?

When you've completed the course at the other institution, ask them to send your transcript to the university’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Official transcripts can be sent through U.S. mail or electronically (PDF) to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
901 West Illinois Street, Suite 103
Urbana, IL 61801

Currently, electronic transcripts submitted through Docufile, eScrip Safe, and the Illinois Electronic Transcript Exchange (XAP) are accepted. Electronic transcripts can also be sent to directly from the institution. If a transcript is received through this account from a student, it will not be considered official.

Don't deliver the transcript yourself -- the Undergraduate Admission's office will not accept transcripts directly from students. It generally takes about three to six weeks for the credit to show on your record; you can check your DARS report or Academic History in Student Self-Service to see if the credit has posted.

What is dual credit?

Dual credit is credit for college course-work earned by taking courses at another college while still in high school. This credit is treated the same as transfer credit.

How do I find the course I need to take at another institution?

If you are an existing Illinois student and would like to find courses at another institution that will transfer back to Illinois to meet your requirements, try the "Find a Replacement Course" feature in Transferology™,

Simply set the University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign as the “School You Currently Attend” and then select the courses at the U of I that you would like credit for. Then click the Search for Matches button to see all the courses from all the schools that Illinois has already evaluated and determined to be equivalent to the courses that you need. Some classes may have hundreds of equivalents, so you may need to scroll through that list, or filter the list to see the school where you want to take the course.

Pay close attention to these equivalency listings: If there are multiple courses on the left side, this means you must take all the courses shown to get transfer credit for any course (or courses) shown on the right; taking anything less than all the courses shown on the left will likely earn no credit at all at Illinois. If the Illinois course number isn't specific -- for example, if it reads HDFS 1--, then the transfer course will earn credit but won't count as any specific Illinois course. Also, pay attention to the effective date information listed.

If you do not see Illinois in the list of schools, please use the Looking for a particular school? link to search for UIUC in the nationwide search – select Illinois as the state and then select University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign near the bottom of the school list. Then click the View Matches button to either see your matches or to use the Request information button to reach out to us for information.