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Changing your Major

Often when students are not doing well in their courses, it is because they aren't enjoying them. If that is your situation, you might need to consider changing your area of study.

First, you might consider a different concentration (focus area) in your current major

You can discuss a change of concentration with your advisor or your departmental advising coordinator.

Second, you might want to explore other majors in ACES

Explore this website to read more about other majors in ACES. View their respective departmental websites and find contact information for the advisor you need to meet with in the new major.

What if I want to enroll in a major outside of ACES?

Contact the advising coordinator or department office of the department that offers the major you want to change to and make an appointment to discuss what you need to do to make the change. Find out if there are any special application procedures, required courses, grade-point minimums, or other requirements needed to transfer.

Ask what courses you should consider taking while you wait to complete your transfer. Until you are sure you can make the transfer, take courses that work toward degree requirements in your current major. Work with your current advisor to build a schedule that meets your needs.

When can I change my major or concentration?

There are two designated periods each fall and spring term for inter-college transfer.  Please see our inter and intra-college transfer page for more information.