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Academic Advising in ACES

Every student in ACES is assigned an academic advisor in their major when they enroll in the college. This person is your best resource for information about academics and campus resources. If you don’t know who to ask, start with your advisor.  The College of ACES also has Assistant Deans and staff that are great resources for you as well.  The college level staff and department advisors often work together to help students navigate policies, procedures, and degree requirements.  Bottom line, there are many great sources of advice about many things, and the thing is - we WANT to help you!

Who is my academic advisor?

You can see your advisor's name at the top of your Degree Audit. Then you can search the Campus Directory to find their contact information.

Can I change my academic advisor?

The advisor/student relationship is very important in your time as a student here at Illinois.  If you are not comfortable with your assigned academic advisor, it can impact your ability to make progress in your degree. If you feel you can no longer work effectively with your assigned academic advisor, you can meet with an Assistant Dean in ACES Academic Programs, 128 Mumford Hall, to talk about the issues and make a plan moving forward.

What if I can’t get in touch with my academic advisor?

Each department has one or more Advising Coordinators, who can answer questions for you, if you can't get in touch with your advisor. 

When should I meet with my academic advisor?

You should meet with your advisor at least once per semester to check in on how you are doing and to plan courses for the next semester. Ideally, you should be staying in touch with them throughout the semester.

What is expected of me by my advisor and what can I expect from them?

Check out the ACES Advising Expectations to answer these questions.

The ACES Advising Philosophy

Our mission as academic advisors in the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences is to empower each student to realize his or her potential. Through shared responsibility with our students, we foster the development of professional, self-sufficient, ethical citizens and exemplary leaders in local and global communities.

How can my advisor help me?

  • They can help you to choose classes. Your academic advisor is the best person to answer questions about which courses you should take. They have helped lots of students stay on track to graduate. They know the answers!
  • They can help you explore careers in your major. They know the field and they know where previous students have gotten jobs. They are also the most likely person in the department to still be in contact with those students.
  • They can help you to choose a minor and work it into your schedule.
  • They can sign forms. Look carefully. Some forms can be signed by your advisor, but some need to be signed by the Departmental Advising Coordinator.
  • They can help you to plan for graduate school options and make alternate plans, too.