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Major Contact Information

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Dr. Luis Rodriguez
Advising Coordinator
372a AESB

Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Agri-Accounting; Finance in Agribusiness; Public Policy and Law
Ann Finnegan
Advising Coordinator
304 Mumford Hall

Agribusiness, Markets and Management; Environmental Economics and Policy; Policy Trade and Development
Dana Wennerberg
304 Mumford Hall

Consumer Economics and Finance; Farm Management; Financial Planning
Caroline Helton
304 Mumford Hall

Agricultural Communications

Lulu Rodriguez (last name N-Z)
274 Bevier Hall

Heather Cupps-Miller (last name A-M)
247 Bevier Hall

Agricultural Leadership and Science Education

Gary Ochs
Ag Ed Program Advising Coordinator
174B Bevier Hall       

Animal Sciences

Dr. Dave Miller, Advising Coordinator
328 ASL

Crop Sciences
Computer Science + Crop Sciences

Dr. Lane Rayburn
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
AE-120 Turner Hall 

Scott Bartlett
Academic Program Manager
AE-116 Turner Hall

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Justine Karduck
345 Bevier Hall

Food Science
Dr. Nicki Engeseth
260 Bevier Hall

Hospitality Management
Jill Craft
295 Bevier Hall

Human Nutrition
Manabu Nakamura
260 Bevier Hall

Human Development and Family Studies

Barbara Anderson
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
237 Bevier Hall

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Susan Helmink
N-507 Turner Hall

Technical Systems Management

Dr. Paul Davidson
Advising Coordinator
360e AESB