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Fall 2018

Monday, October 1
ACADEMIC: Didn’t get the grade you wanted on your first ECON exam?
4:00-4:50 PM, 1024 Lincoln Hall

Wednesday, October 3
ACADEMIC: My First Chemistry Exam Did Not Go Well, Now What?
4:30-5:50 PM, 1022 Lincoln Hall

Thursday, October 11
ACADEMIC: My First Chemistry Exam Did Not Go Well, Now What?
4:00-5:20 PM, 1028 Lincoln Hall

Overcoming Writer’s Block
Tired of those last-minute all-nighters or staring at a blank page to get started on your writing? Join us to learn effective strategies for getting started early and meeting your deadlines as pain-free as possible!
Thur, 9/27, 6-7p, 1051 Lincoln Hall
Wed, 11/28, 5-6p, 1024 Lincoln Hall

Tutoring Resource Fair
Want to know more about the habits of highly successful students? Join four of our campus tutoring centers – Center for Academic Resources in Engineering, Chemistry Learning Center, OMSA Academic Services Center, and the Writers Workshop – as we celebrate National Tutoring Appreciation Week. Learn about how to use our resources and how to get involved!
Wed, 10/3, 6-8pm, Undergraduate Library (upper level lobby)

Writing Effective Personal Statements
Learn how to write an effective personal state-ment, also called an “application essay” or “statement of purpose.” This presentation will re-view successful strategies and help you develop a plan for your own personal statement.
Wed, 10/11, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall
Tues, 11/13, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Vocabulary Development and Word Choice
Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have the right word to say exactly what you want to say? In this workshop, we will talk about strate-gies for building your vocabulary and choosing the right academic word. (This workshop will be useful for both native and non-native speakers of English)
Tues, 10/30, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Making Your Sources Work for You: Reading and Integrating Them into Your Work
Struggling with effective reading strategies? Not quite sure what to do with different kinds of sources you spent time finding and reading? This presentation re-views tips for reading efficiently and incorporating sources effectively.
Thurs, 11/29, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Developing Arguments and Revising for the Big Picture
​This presentation will review the basic principles for creating effective thesis statements. It will also help students review common essay structures and strate-gies. You will have the opportunity to put these princi-ples into practice, so bring a current assignment to work on.
Tues, 12/11, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

The Final Check: Proofreading and Self-Editing Strategies
Worried about your editing and proofreading skills? In this workshop, we will help writers develop and prac-tice effective strategies for both. Bring a paper to practice with, or use the exercises provided at the workshop.
Mon, 12/3, 5-6p, 1026 Lincoln Hall
Tues, 12/4, 6-7p, 1057 Lincoln Hall

Avoiding Plagiarism: Using Sources Effectively
Worried about accidental plagiarism? This presenta-tion reviews basic techniques for effectively incorpo-rating sources through summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting.
Wed, 12/5, 4-5p, 1064 Lincoln Hall

Writing In-Class Essay Exams
This workshop will focus on how to study for exams, plan your answers, start your essays effectively, and manage your time during exams.
Thur, 12/6, 6-7p, 1057 Lincoln Hall