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General Education Courses in the College of ACES

These courses are offered by ACES departments and meet both ACES hours and General Education requirements in your audit. Speak to your advisor and consult your DARS audit to help you determine which ones will be appropriate for your program of study.

General Education abbreviations are listed at the bottom of the page.

This downloadable Excel file provides the table in an Excel sheet so that you can sort by different columns.

Course Title ACP CNW Comp 1 CW HUM NAT QR SBS
ABE 469 Industry-Linked Design Project CLL              
ACE 100 Agr Cons and Resource Econ               SS
ACE 210 Environmental Economics               SS
ACE 251 The World Food Economy   NW           SS
ACE 254 Economic Systems in Africa   NW           SS
ACE 255 Econ of US Rural Poverty & Dev               SS
ACE 261 Applied Statistical Methods             QR1  
ACES 102 Intro Sustainable Food Systems           LS    
ACES 179 History of Ag in IL Since 1860   US     HP      
AGCM 220 Communicating Agriculture CLL              
AGCM 320 Public Information Campaigns CLL              
AGED 230 Leadership Communications CLL             SS
AGED 260 Intro to Leadership Studies               SS
AGED 340 Leadership Ethics & Pluralism   US            
AGED 360 Advanced Leadership Studies               SS
ANSC 110 Life With Animals and Biotech           LS    
ANSC 205 World Animal Resources CLL              
ANSC 207 Companion Animal Biology & Care           LS    
ANSC 250 Companion Animals in Society       WCC        
ANSC 331 Biology of Reproduction           LS    
CPSC 112 Introduction to Crop Sciences           LS    
CPSC 113 Environment, Agric, & Society       WCC   LS    
CPSC 116 The Global Food Production Web   NW            
CPSC 131 Agriculture in Mythology   NW            
CPSC 241 Intro to Applied Statistics             QR1  
CPSC 261 Biotechnology in Agriculture           LS    
CPSC 270 Applied Entomology           LS    
FSHN 101 Intro Food Science & Nutrition           PS    
FSHN 120 Contemporary Nutrition           LS    
HDFS 105 Intro to Human Development               BSC
HDFS 120 Intro to Family Studies               SS
HDFS 140 Intro Gender & Women's Studies               SS
HDFS 143 Biology of Human Behavior           LS    
HDFS 220 Families in Global Perspective   NW           SS
HDFS 221 Asian Families in America   US           SS
HDFS 225 Close Relationships               SS
HDFS 262 Motor Develop, Growth & Form               BSC
HDFS 290 Intro to Research Methods CLL              
HDFS 322 US Latina and Latino Families   US            
HORT 261 Biotechnology in Agriculture           LS    
NRES 100 Fundamentals of Env Sci           PS    
NRES 202 American Environmental History       WCC HP      
NRES 210 Environmental Economics               SS
NRES 220 Communicating Agriculture CLL              
NRES 223 Watching the Environment               SS
NRES 242 Nature and American Culture       WCC        
NRES 270 Applied Entomology           LS    
NRES 287 Environment and Society       WCC       SS
NRES 419 Env and Plant Ecosystems CLL              
PLPA 200 Plants, Pathogens, and People CLL         LS    
PLPA 204 Introductory Plant Pathology           LS    
RSOC 110 Intro to Rural Society               SS
RSOC 270 Population Issues               SS
TSM 311 Humanity in the Food Web CLL       HP      

General Education Abbreviations

  • ACP-Advanced Composition
  • CNW-Cultural Studies: Non-Western/U.S. Minority Culture(s)
    • NW-Non-Western Culture
    • US-Minority Culture
  • Comp 1-Composition I
  • CW-Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s)
  • HUM-Humanities & the Arts
    • HP-Historical & Philosophical Perspectives
    • LA-Literature and the Arts
  • NAT-Natural Sciences & Technology
    • LS-Life Science
    • PS-Physical Science
  • QR-Quantitative Reasoning
  • SBS-Social & Behavioral Sciences
    • SS-Social Science
    • BSC-Behavioral Science