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Eva Bacon

Class of 2020
From Charleston, Illinois
Eva Bacon

When Eva Bacon was in junior high she found out she has several food allergies. In an effort to learn more about her own dietary needs, Eva began researching various aspects of the field of human nutrition and soon discovered a career path that excited her.

“I stumbled on dietetics,” Eva says, “and how I can use what I’ve learned in my personal experience to help others.”

Currently an undergraduate in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois, with a concentration in dietetics, Eva’s goal after obtaining her bachelor’s is to earn a master’s in human nutrition and become a registered dietitian.

“I could see myself working in a clinical setting working with patients dealing with chronic diseases and then also looking at how to prevent some of those through nutrition,” Eva says.

One of the reasons Eva chose to come to the University of Illinois was the strong dietetics program, attributing much of that reputation to what she says are truly amazing faculty members who are not only experts in their field, but also very welcoming and willing to help their students succeed.

While Eva says her classes have broadened her horizons, they are certainly not the only factor in her success. She says joining groups like the Dietetics Club and the Stratford House has helped her meet peers from all different backgrounds and given her a network of fellow students who can rely on each other.

One of the best pieces of advice Eva says she can give to future students is not to be afraid of putting yourself out there.

"You never know what opportunity may open up through one simple email to a professor," she says, adding, "Making connections with your department and within the college is extremely beneficial in pursuing your major."