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Scholarship Opportunities for Incoming Freshman

The College of ACES is committed to providing financial support to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our students. Thanks to our generous alumni, corporate partners and other supporters, ACES awards over $3.5 million in scholarships to our students each year. More than 150 different scholarship funds support hundreds of our current and incoming students.

How can I be considered for scholarships as an incoming freshman?

The process is simple: apply for admission to the University of Illinois, and pick a major in the College of ACES.   You will automatically be considered for renewable, merit-based awards!

What is a merti based award?

These renewable awards based on academic credentials through high school, including grades, rigor (honors type courses) & test scores. 

When are scholarships offered to incoming freshmen? 

Notifications for merit-based scholarships will be made following your offer of admission but no later than April 1.

Do incoming freshmen have to submit the FAFSA to be considered for College of ACES Scholarships?

  • Incoming students are not required to submit the FAFSA to be considered for merit-based scholarships which are offered at the time of admission.
  • Please note that you must complete the FAFSA if you want to be considered for federal financial aid.  More information is available through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Are there any College of ACES scholarships for which incoming freshmen must apply?

No, your application for admission doubles as your application for all other scholarships in the College of ACES.

Questions about the College of ACES scholarship program?

Please contact the ACES Academic Programs Office, 217-333-3380.