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Departmental Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

In addition to scholarships administered at the college level, students in ACES have the opportunity to be considered for scholarships specifically designated for their major.

How can I be considered for a departmental scholarship?

Some departmental scholarships are administered at the college level, and require that students submit the annual College of ACES general scholarship application. Others are administered by the specific department, and may require a separate application; please note that application deadlines vary by department.

Which departmental scholarships are administered at the college level?

Students pursuing degrees in Agricultural Communications, Agricultural and Consumer Economics, and Food Science and Human Nutrition will be considered for departmental scholarships through submission of the general College of ACES Scholarship application. The scholarship application process varies depending on your status as an incoming freshman, incoming transfer student, or current student.

Which programs administer their own departmental scholarships?

The programs below administer their own scholarship programs. Application procedures and deadlines vary; Select the departmental link below for more information.