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Student Life

Students are in the College of ACES to earn a degree, but we hope they will gain more than that. The experiences to be gained here enrich and expand what is learned in the classroom and allow students to apply what they learn to real-work situations and problems. The personal connections cultivated through campus involvement can also make a large university feel more like home.


An internship is the perfect opportunity to sample career choices. It is the chance to answer these questions:

  • Do I like the day-to-day activities of the job?
  • Do I like this particular company/organization?
  • Are there related positions that I discovered during this experience? Do I like them more than the one I was planning to pursue?
  • Do I want to try something a little different in my next internship to get different experiences?

Find an internship!

Art & Culture

We encourage our students explore the various programs, groups, and cultural centers the University of Illinois has to offer students and the local community. Learn more about arts & culture at the university.

Registered Student Organizations

Illinois has more than 1,000 student-run clubs and organizations. Yes, they are extra-curricular, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer great experiences. These clubs are housed in ACES, and these clubs are registered on-campus.

Service Learning

In the case of Service Learning courses, students enroll in a course, but instead of going to a lecture or discussion, they take part in a real-life project. In addition, some courses offer credit for service learning opportunities. Search the Class Schedule for current listings in ACES.

Study Abroad

Your ability to make a difference is not limited to the classroom. ACES offers international programs and study abroad opportunities to expand experience and perspective. More than 30% of undergraduates in ACES study abroad, learn how to get started in a study abroad program!

Study Away

Washington, DC, has a wealth of internship opportunities that Illinois students can take advantage of through the Illinois in Washington (IIW) program. Illinois in Washington students have interned for nonprofits, congressional offices, government agencies, think tanks and more. IIW will help you find an internship!

Undergraduate Research

Illinois is one of the top R1 Research Institutions in the world. Discoveries are made here every day, and opportunities for undergraduates to participate are plentiful. Try it. You might like it!


You aren’t paid in dollars, but the experiences and services you give to others as a volunteer are priceless. There are many opportunities to enrich the community available through the campus Office of Volunteer Programs.