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The minor in nutrition is designed to broaden the student’s knowledge of the biological sciences, with a particular emphasis on the science of nutrition. The field of nutrition is interdisciplinary. A minor in nutrition would benefit those students who intend to pursue careers in the food industry, kinesiology, or those planning to enter the medical, dental, or veterinary professions.

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For more information about the nutrition minor, please contact:

Dr. Manabu Nakamura
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
463 Bevier Hall

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An undergraduate minor is a coherent program of study requiring some depth in the subject, but not as extensive of a program as the major, and allow students to gain expertise in an area secondary to their major. Our campus has more than 100 undergraduate minors to choose from. Most minors entail a comprehensive study of the discipline, rather than focusing on a narrow subfield of study. In general, minors consist of at least 16 and no more than 21 hours of coursework.