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Leadership Studies

Theory to Practice: Develop your leadership potential

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The minor in leadership studies is available to all undergraduate students in good standing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The minor provides an undergraduate student in any field of study with formal instruction in the study of the theory of leadership and its practice. This minor is administered academically by the College of ACES.

The minor in leadership studies focuses on the theory of leadership and its application. Drawing from social psychology, philosophy, organizational development and administration, communication, and educational theory, it enhances your understanding of the social and organizational processes that influence effective leadership across diverse contexts. This is a 17- to18-credit-hour minor (six courses total). Four required courses provide instruction in leadership theory, interpersonal dimensions of leadership (including communication, leading in groups, teams, and organizations), and scientific research that tests theories of leadership.

The required capstone course, AGED 480 Collaborative Leadership, focuses on the synthesis of foundational course material along with the diverse elective course experiences of the students in the capstone. A model of building effective collaborations will serve as the conceptual framework by which students will apply their knowledge of personal, organizational, and community leadership to help solve real world problems.

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Dr. Kari Keating
Director, Minor in Leadership Studies
174 Bevier Hall
905 S. Goodwin
Urbana Illinois 61801

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