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International Minor in ACES

This minor will help students prepare for life and work in a global society and will provide the international skills employers expect of our graduates. While it is the intent of this minor to encourage students to spend time abroad and to develop proficiency in a foreign language, neither is required.

Students enrolled in this minor will be able to draw on resources outside the college as well as select from courses offered by the seven departments in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. At least 12 hours of the total of 21 credit hours required for this minor must be College of ACES courses. At least six credit hours (ACES or non-ACES) must come from 400-level courses.

This minor is administratively based in the ACES Academic Programs. Student advising will take place in this unit. The ACES Director of Education Abroad will work with each student to plan a program of study that consists of a coherent pattern of coursework and other experiences, usually having a geographic or disciplinary focus, and drawing on offerings from each of the following three broad areas:

  • Global Study in the Social Sciences Disciplines
  • Global Study in the Natural Science Disciplines
  • Regional Specialization


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For more information about the international minor in ACES, please contact:

ACES Academic Programs
123 Mumford Hall

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An undergraduate minor is a coherent program of study requiring some depth in the subject, but not as extensive of a program as the major, and allow students to gain expertise in an area secondary to their major. Our campus has more than 100 undergraduate minors to choose from. Most minors entail a comprehensive study of the discipline, rather than focusing on a narrow subfield of study. In general, minors consist of at least 16 and no more than 21 hours of coursework.