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Human Nutrition

In the Human Nutrition concentration students integrate chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology, sociology and nutrition to understand the impact of diet and lifestyles on human health. Students enter human services professions and health professional schools such as medical, dental and physical therapy.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to:

Terri Cummings

260 Bevier Hall – MC 182
905 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801


Career Opportunity Spotlight

WIC MIS Nutritionist, Massachusett's Department of Health

Peggy Leung-Strle

Individualized attention as a student was something food science and human nutrition (FSHN) graduate Peggy Leung-Strle found very important to her success at the University of Illinois.

“I was one of the few students in my class from out of state, so when I arrived during orientation, Dean Olson helped me register for my classes,” Peggy says. “The FSHN department head, Dr. Dong, met with me during my first semester and introduced me to a local WIC director in Urbana. I also had help from my advisor, Karen Plawecki, prioritizing my necessary coursework so that I could graduate one semester early and be competitive in applying for dietetic internships.”

This personal attention helped Peggy succeed and prepare her for her current position with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. While on campus she juggled various responsibilities at once. She worked 10 hours a week in Dr. Gregory Freund’s lab, and she was a board member and social chair with the Asian American Association. Peggy even started the Hula Club and was president of the Hawaii Club.

Being so involved forced Peggy to manage her time well and practice self-discipline.

“Two of my strengths are discipline and responsibility,” Peggy says. “Both of these characteristics help me excel in my everyday work, as we often have many projects with the same timeline. My discipline allows me to prioritize and stay organized. My responsibilities allow me to follow through with requests, whether they are from colleagues or the public.”

For Peggy, all her hard work and self-discipline are worth it in the end.

“I enjoy working with numbers every single day. Numbers provide the evidence that our interventions are helping our clients. When I see a rate improve, I know that we are making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.”

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