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The Dietetics concentration teaches students to apply food and nutrition knowledge to improving nutrition and maintaining good health. Students receive verification statements in this accredited program to enter dietetic internships and graduate programs on the pathway to becoming registered dietitians.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to:
Justine Karduck

345 Bevier Hall – MC 182
905 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801


Career Opportunity Spotlight

Assistant Professor in Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Illinois State University

Jennifer L. Barnes

General Job Description: Teach undergraduate and graduate level nutrition courses, particularly in metabolism, sports nutrition, and medical nutrition therapy. I also mentor masters students through thesis projects in my research program.

Going to work every day doesn’t feel like much of a job for Jennifer Barnes, an assistant professor at Illinois State University. She says that, “My favorite part of my job is watching students work through a difficult topic or task. At first they are overwhelmed and intimidated but then they spend time engaging with the material.  Eventually after additional explanation and discussion with their peers, they begin to feel more confident. They are invariably proud of themselves when they can demonstrate mastery of the challenging information. I feel privileged to be able to facilitate this learning.” She adds that her love of teaching mixed with her organizational skills have led to the success she finds in each day’s work.

Jennifer is thankful for the time that she spent on campus, saying that her own teaching style reflects that of the professors that she had while at the University of Illinois and thanks them now for her love of learning. Her fondest memories come from the close knit, sense of community that she felt in her department and has come to appreciate this for the college as a whole.

Her time on campus was spent working with the peer nutrition educators group. That group revealed her love of teaching while providing relevant professional experiences and the opportunity to develop friendships along the way. She was also an undergraduate research assistant during this time. “This made the scientific method real for me, in a way that other classroom experiences did not. The undergraduate research experience was integral to my decision to pursue a PhD in nutrition.”

Meeting people and creating a network of colleagues and friends at the University of Illinois is something Jennifer feels is unmatched by any other college campus. She describes her personal experience with this campus as giving her an “unparalleled foundation in science,” which she feels is imperative to working in the field of dietetics.



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