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Where modern-day agriculture research meets traditional ag practices. Maximize production by learning how crops grow and develop through courses in agronomy, soils, pest management, and weed sciences.

  • Students study the diversity of plants, crop development, plant nutrition, genetics, plant breeding, and soils.
  • Prepares students for a career in technical, managerial and research positions within local, state and federal government agencies and the agricultural industry.
  • Not your typical 9-to-5 career, the Crops concentration offers a lifestyle with flexibility, new experiences, and life outside of an office cubicle.
  • Graduates obtain positions in the chemical, fertilizer, and seed industries, as well as taking over family farm enterprises.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to

Dr. Fred Kolb
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
AE-120 B Turner Hall
(217) 333-4256

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Small Grains Extension Specialist

David Marburger

Growing up on a farm set the stage for Dr. David Marburger’s profession as the Small Grains Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University.

“My farming background has been instrumental to my career,” he says. “Getting into the mindset of a grower and understanding his or her production practices is essential for making recommendations to a farmer or stakeholder.”

Exposing himself to new experiences outside of his family’s farm allowed David to advance his knowledge and grow as a crop sciences student and professional. His classroom studies, internships, and field experiences at the University of Illinois provided him with technical information and developed his network of people in the industry. Working and interacting with other crop sciences students and professionals provided David with the collaborative skills needed to accommodate the specific needs of Oklahoma producers.

“Agriculture is a small world,” he says. “It is important for graduates to feel comfortable and confident to turn to their professional peers, seeking and offering assistance to create a collaborative work environment.”

David credits the University of Illinois for laying the foundation for his career.

“Being a student at the U of I was where I really developed my passion for pursuing a career in crop sciences,” he says. “What I learned in class ignited a fire in me to keep learning more, making it clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career where I would be able to apply that knowledge to help others while doing something I truly enjoy and am passionate about.”

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