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Biological Sciences

Go behind the scenes with science and plants to discover gene development, cellular functions, plant growth, and plant interactions in the environment.

  • Biological Sciences allows students to explore their curiosity for science through courses in biology, chemistry, and plant genetics.
  • Offering the most science courses, Biological Sciences is designed for students planning to attend graduate school.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research projects alongside faculty members, gaining laboratory research experience.
  • Graduates earn advanced degrees in the sciences and ultimately work in research laboratories, academia, and medical fields.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to

Dr. Fred Kolb
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
AE-120 B Turner Hall
(217) 333-4256

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Air Force Dental Corps Student

Vance Knauer

Being part of something bigger than himself is important for crop sciences graduate Vance Knaur. Vance is in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program with the Air Force Dental Corps.

“Every day I am overwhelmed with pride in serving our country and providing care to fellow airmen, soldiers, sailors, and marines,” Vance says.

In his line of work, paying attention to details is key. Being attentive, being a good listener, practicing good communication skills to understand patients’ concerns, and working with others effectively and efficiently are also crucial.

Developing those skills, and a number of other experiences at the University of Illinois, helped Vance prepare for his career in the military.

“My U of I experience exposed me to a diverse range of challenges,” he says. “From working hard in the comfort zone of the College of ACES to developing and performing with other groups of people on the north side of Gregory Drive, Illinois kept subjecting me to new challenges that promoted professional and personal growth.”

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