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Computer Science and Crop Sciences Enrichment

Department of Crop Sciences Student Organizations

  • Field and Furrow Club is a great way for students to get their feet wet in all aspects of agriculture. From philanthropy and social events to networking with industry professionals at monthly meetings, members have several opportunities to get involved and meet other students.
  • Horticulture Club is comprised of members from majors across campus that come together for educational and recreational events. From floral arranging to stomping grapes, this club is an active group with a passion for all things horticulture.


Department of Computer Science Student Organizations

  • Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) has more than 20 SIGs (Special Interest Groups) that explore the possibilities of computers and learning how to use and develop them.
  • CocoaNuts is a community for discussing and learning about iOS application development.
  • CS Grad Student Organization (CSGSO) is the organization that brings computer science graduate students together at the University of Illinois.
  • Founders has events and programs to nurture a strong culture and environment that educates, inspires, and motivates people interested in entrepreneurship.
  • HackIllinois is a 36-hour event where college students from across the country collaborate, create, and compete in technical projects.
  • Latino/a Computer Science Club (LCSC) is a special community to retain, support, and foster a close relationship among underrepresented students.
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) aims to advance the application of mathematics and computational science to engineering, industry, science, and society.
  • Women in Computer Science (WCS) is an educational, service-focused organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of young women interested in computer science and technology.