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Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical

This concentration is geared for students interested in attending graduate school or professional training.

This concentration prepares students for careers in:

  • Research in various animal science disciplines including nutrition, reproduction, physiology, and genetics
  • Animal health
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical

Future students please contact:

Katelyn Jones-Hamlow
Department of Animal Sciences
182 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-244-8251

Current students please contact:

Lauren Redman
Department of Animal Sciences
188 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-333-2252

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, National Turkey Federation

Victoria Ahlymeyer

General Job Description: Victoria works as a liasion between regulatory agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all entities of United States turkey production. The National Turkey Federation (NTF) represents nearly all turkey processors, growers, and allied industries. It is the only trade association that represents solely the U.S. turkey industry. As a part of the regulatory affairs department at NTF, Victoria works closely with turkey plant personnel such as quality assurance managers and USDA inspectors to ensure that regulations proposed and passed in the government agencies are fair and based on sound science. She also works closely with industry veterinarians to determine turkey disease prevalence and needs for medications and treatments as well as innovative avenues for therapeutics and alternatives as well as working to better the health and welfare of production turkeys across the United States.

Victoria Ahlmeyer, the regulatory affairs coordinator for the National Turkey Federation, says she enjoys being a part of an industry that is working to feed the global population with a safe, wholesome, and nutritious protein product.

“I grew up on a farm, so I understand the work that goes into our farmers’ daily lives in order to produce their turkey products—I can relate to them on a certain level,” Victoria says. “I also thoroughly enjoy helping people work through problems and find solutions, and much of my job requires me to be a good listener and problem-solver. Being a hard-working, organized, and driven woman has set me up for success in my current job and furthering my career in the future.”

During her time at U of I, Victoria held multiple job titles and went on two study abroad trips she says helped sparked her passion for her current role.

“I held multiple jobs throughout my college career, which helped shape my career focus and enhance my professional development. I was a training specialist at the University of Illinois Foundation and I worked on the University of Illinois poultry research farm,” she says.

“My study abroad trips to Italy and Greece allowed me to network with professionals outside of the U.S., experience different cultures and customs, and grow into a travel-savvy adult. My trips took me to Thessaloniki, Greece, to work on a poultry farm and across Italy focusing on leadership studies.”

Victoria says what sets U of I apart from other schools is its ability to make a big campus seem like a much smaller, tight-knit community.

“Although U of I is a larger Big Ten school, it is a university that does an impeccable job of making the campus, classes, and college experience feel manageable and personal. I was a student from a small town, and U of I was my first real cultural and ‘city-like’ experience,” she says. “My four years there made for an incredible segue to my move to the U.S. capital and allowed me to transition smoothly from being a young woman to a professional adult.”


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