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Companion Animal and Equine Science

Discover a career outside of traditional food animal or dairy production.

This concentration prepares students for careers in:

  • Human education
  • Animal advocacy & policy
  • Shelter management
  • Animal care and control
  • Companion animal behavior
  • Zoo
  • Racing industry 

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Companion Animal and Equine Science

Future students please contact:

Katelyn Jones-Hamlow
Department of Animal Sciences
182 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-244-8251

Current students please contact:

Lauren Redman
Department of Animal Sciences
188 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-333-2252

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Marketing Coordinator, Bentley's Pet Stuff

Zoe Kharasch 

General Job Description: Zoe oversees marketing efforts, including promoting sales, community marketing, events, company initiatives, and social media blasts, for 85+ stores around the country. She also runs her own animal rescue organization called Newman Nation: Senior Pets United.

Zoe Kharasch, marketing coordinator for Bentley’s Pet Stuff, enjoys working with incredible people who strive to help pets’ live better lives with all-natural nutrition.

In addition to her work at Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Zoe also founded her own animal rescue in December 2016. Newman Nation: Senior Pets United is a 501(c)(3) foster-based nonprofit organization that rescues senior cats and dogs with special needs or in hospice care from high-kill shelters across the U.S.

“In the first year of operation, 50 senior pets have been saved, with more to come before the end of this month,” Zoe says. “I give the oldest, most medically neglected pets a second chance and place the majority in forever foster or hospice-foster homes to avoid the stress of transition.”

It was Zoe’s internship experiences at U of I that provided her the tools to start her own successful animal rescue.

“I had an off-campus internship with Hospice Hearts my junior and senior years,” she says. “I learned the ins and outs of running a foster-based rescue and how to apply my knowledge of animal sciences.”

Zoe says that the best part about U of I is the challenges it offers along with allowing students to discover their passions.

“My prerequisites for my major helped me improve in a variety of other areas, like communication, statistics, and sciences,” she says. “U of I truly challenges its students and offers enough majors and concentrations for them to find and follow a path they love.” 

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