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In our increasingly interconnected world and global economy, studying abroad adds a critical dimension to student life. Ag comm students take advantage of study abroad programs to expand horizons and gain enriching cross-cultural experiences.

Students reap the benefits of being pushed out of their comfort zones, many times taking a more reflective turn on the role they are going to play in the world as it relates to their career plans.

Whether assisting the government of Bangladesh in infusing gender-sensitive nutrition information into its extension service; investigating how culture and ethnicity affect dietary practices, the politics of food availability, as well as nutritional issues in Rome; learning how to advocate for agriculture in Belgium; or exploring the ecosystems of the Dominican Republic, ag comm majors get to appreciate the world as their laboratory.

Studying abroad was an amazing experience. Being exposed to another culture opened my mind and made me realize all the more that I am in the right major. Wherever I am, America or Belgium, you can find me advocating for ag literacy.— Caitlin McClure

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