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Policy, International Trade and Development

Students receive a broad exposure to policy, international trade, and agricultural development. The concentration provides a global and societal perspective for administration, government, policy analysis, social processes, and international economics. 

  • This program is ideal to prepare students to work in a firm with international interests or for federal or state government employment, including the many government agencies dealing with policy, trade and development.
  • Graduates are employed in local, state, and federal government, consumer groups, trade organizations, lobbying groups, higher education, the Peace Corps, and more.
  • Specific courses required include The World Food Economy (251), Environment and Development (411) or Agriculture in International Development (451), International Trade in Food and Agriculture (455) and Agriculture and Food Policies (456).

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For more information about the Policy, International Trade and Development Program, please contact:
Ann Finnegan
Director, Ugrad Admissions & Advising and Teaching Associate
304a Mumford Hall
1301 W. Gregory
Urbana, Illinois 61801
(217) 333-5509

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Operations and Command Center Intern, Interpol

Paul Bruins

Helping analyze international crimes and track movements of suspects across borders isn’t just a fantasy for agriculture and consumer economics (ACE) alumnus Paul Bruins. In his internship with Interpol, he drafts letters to law enforcement officials in the U.S. and other Interpol member countries. He is also in the onboarding process for an internship with Customs and Border Protection in the Office of the Commissioner, where he will work with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. 

“I enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds,” Paul says. “Interpol has probably one of the largest variety of federal agency employees in the government, meaning an internship here gives you unparalleled access to contacts from every imaginable government agency. I also enjoy working with the different databases to track down suspects and read through cases which have yet to be solved.”

Paul believes the ability to multitask and adapt to changes is essential in working at Interpol and most federal law enforcement agencies. The variety and severity of crimes range so widely that one needs to be able to adapt to each individual case. He credits the U of I with his ability to excel in environments with people from different backgrounds, a skill that is especially important at Interpol, where most employees represent different law enforcement agencies and have their own goals.  

“International environmental and agricultural crimes are issues that Interpol deals with,” Paul says, “so the strong background I acquired at U of I has been very beneficial. U of I also provided a unique opportunity to work and study with an above-average number of international students, which is useful in working at an internationally focused organization.”


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