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Farm Management

Students in this concentration study finance, risk management and economics as applied to management of a complex farm enterprise or ownership of rural real estate.

Students prepare to manage farms as owners, tenants, or employees; to work as professional farm managers for off-site owners; and to work in real estate appraisal, which requires state certification.

  • The Farm Management concentration offers several courses approved for state certification.
  • Learn how to conduct farm and other asset appraisals.
  • Specific courses required include Management of Farm Enterprises (232), Farm Management (332), Financial Decision-Making for Individual and Small Business (345), and Rural Real Estate Appraisal (448)

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For more information about the Farm Management Program, please contact:
Caroline Helton, Academic Advisor
304b Mumford Hall
1301 W. Gregory
Urbana Illinois 61801
(217) 300-4825

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Farm Marketer with Cargill Inc.

Jack Plunk

Growing up on a family farm equipped Jack Plunk to understand the challenges of producing and marketing a crop from year to year. Connecting with farmers about these issues on a daily basis is the most enjoyable part of his job.

He says, “Life on my family farm showed me the difficulty and hardships there can be in growing a crop each year, but going on to market that crop can be an even bigger struggle. To be able to provide comfort and risk management marketing solutions to farmers, to make their lives a little easier, makes it a joy to wake up and go to work every morning. “

Jack says honesty is most important when communicating with customers.

“In forming strong relationships with my customers out on the farm, the biggest thing I strive for is honesty, from me and Cargill to the farmer,” Jack says. “I expect the same from my customer also. Even if what I have to say is not what they want to hear, I have found in the end they will respect the honesty and want to work with me going down the road.”

While at U of I, Jack had the opportunity to do multiple internships. He worked in sales with Monsanto, in field sales for Wyffels Hybrids, and in grain merchandising with Archer Daniels Midland.

“The part of my U of I experience I enjoyed the most was my three summer internships. Those opportunities would have never been there for me without the U of I and the College of ACES. All three were great experiences that really made me grow as a young agriculturist. I was able to live in three different areas of the Midwest, and they really gave me a good book of connections and friendships that I will have forever,” he says.

U of I provided Jack with a wealth of opportunities that led him into his career.

He says, “The University of Illinois was a tremendous stepping stone for getting me to where I am today. Coming there from a town of about 1,000 people was a big step, but a good one. Internships, friendships, great opportunities within, and an agricultural fraternity like Alpha Gamma Rho to keep me on track for success going forward—I cannot give enough credit for the opportunities that the U of I gave me.

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