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Environmental Economics and Policy

Focusing on environmental and resource management issues at local, state, national, and international levels, students learn how to assess the economic aspects of resource and environmental issues and find rewarding positions in government, industry, consulting firms, and public interest groups.

  • Graduates might work directly with resource and environmental services such as mining, forest production, recycling, and waste disposal, in firms whose production activities affect the environment, or in legislative offices.
  • Other jobs may include working with interest groups and agencies, including agriculture, environmental protection, conservation land management, and transportation agencies.
  • Students may conduct a special project on groundwater contamination and environmental damages, the costs and benefits of recycling, or complete a summer internship with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
  • Specific courses required include Environmental Economics (210), Natural Resource Economics (310), Environmental Law (406), and  Environment and Development (411).

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For more information about the Environmental Economics and Policy Program, please contact:
Ann Finnegan
Director, Ugrad Admissions & Advising and Teaching Associate
304a Mumford Hall
1301 W. Gregory
Urbana, Illinois 61801
(217) 333-5509

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Associate, Point B

Talia Avci 

Job Description: Talia works in management consulting, helping clients in all different industries reach their goals. She's had the opportunity to work on business and technology projects with a wide range of industries, including technology, telecommunications, energy and utilities, consumer products, manufacturing, and professional services.

Talia Avci, an associate at Point B management consulting company, enjoys the fast-paced, challenging, and adventurous environment that a career in consulting entails.

“Consulting is a career in which you will never get bored. Every client engagement is something new. You have to wear many different hats and face many different challenges, allowing for continuous learning,” Talia says. “I spent a few years traveling regularly for clients across the country, which I also enjoyed. I’ve been able to see many different places and meet people all over the world.”

Talia says the challenges she faced in college were often representative of what she has had to deal with throughout her career.

“My college experience taught me how to think outside the box, challenge things, and use my voice,” she says. “The challenges you face in academics can be very similar to those you face in your career. Learning to work as a team player and think critically was invaluable to my preparation for the real world.”

Talia’s involvement beyond the classroom at U of I provided her the opportunity to gain important experience.

“By involving myself in activities like the Student Advancement Committee, Students for Environmental Concerns, and sorority affairs, I was able to fill various leadership roles and take ownership over multiple initiatives. This taught me the skills needed to lead and manage in order to get things done, which is now the primary focus of my career.

“The College of ACES gave me the opportunity to do so many things during my time at U of I. It connected me with an enormous number of wonderful people and allowed me to pave my own path and shape my own experience,” Talia says. “The College of ACES feels like family, and I’m glad to be able to influence those who are lucky enough to now be a part of that family as well.”



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