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Agribusiness Markets and Management

Students in this concentration learn marketing and management skills and meet with industry leaders and managers. This concentration includes many hand-on opportunities for learning from seminars with visiting executives to internships.

Students can study the marketing, pricing and distribution of production inputs and services used by farmers; the marketing and pricing of grain and feed, livestock, and livestock products; and the marketing and pricing of food ingredients and processed food and fiber to businesses and consumers.

  • Students are prepared for entry-level management and marketing positions and are sought by firms involved in the production, marketing, sales and financing of farm inputs, agricultural commodities and food ingredients and products.
  • Students develop skills in management, strategic planning, and human resource management. They begin their careers as management trainees, sales representatives, technical analysts, or in specialty areas such as marketing, procurement or finance.
  • Some students decide to pursue a career in buying and selling grain, as a grain merchandiser. Others choose to work at commodity exchanges or with member firms trading commodities. Some students pursue direct marketing positions with chemical, seed, fertilizer, machinery, food ingredient or food product firms.
  • Specific courses required include Agricultural Marketing (222),  Food and Agribusiness Management (231) and  Accounting and Accountancy, II (202).

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For more information about the Agribusiness Markets and Management Program, please contact:
Ann Finnegan, Director, Ugrad Admissions & Advising and Teaching Associate
304a Mumford Hall
1301 W. Gregory
Urbana Illinois 61801
(217) 333-5509

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Merchandiser, Consolidated Grain & Barge Co.

Travis Algren 

General Job Description: Travis trades cash grain and soybeans into export, processor, and feed markets in eastern Indiana and Ohio. He works with farm and commercial customers to originate grain and manage truck and rail logistics for CGB’s Ohio River elevators in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

Travis Algren, a grain merchandiser for Consolidated Grain & Barge Company (CGB), finds great satisfaction in helping customers maximize their profit potential.

“It is gratifying to have a customer tell you he has marketed his grain more profitably than ever before since working with CGB,” Travis says. “When you watch the customer learn and grow marketing skills, it is rewarding.”

Travis says being able to maintain relationships is a crucial quality to success in his profession.

“The ability to turn an interaction into a win–win for both parties is something fosters long-term relationships—whether supervisor–employee, employee–employee, or customer–employee. Ending in a win–lose scenario just one time could end your relationship,” he says. “Short-term sacrifices are essential to long-term business relationships. If you treat somebody well today, they may remember it years from now when the business world brings you back together again.”

Travis believes the courses and the faculty in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics are unmatched.

“The upper-level ACE classes—whether it is Ag Econ, Futures and Options, Ag Law, or others—all have top instructors that you won’t get to experience at other universities,” he says. “The most well- respected publications on ag marketing and economics today come from Scott Irwin and Darrel Good at the U of I College of ACES.”

The most rewarding part of being an alum of the College of ACES, Travis says, is the daily connections he has been able to make in his current job role.

“The connections in the real-life business world are endless. I live in another state yet run into U of I alums often,” he says. “In the agricultural world, I work with U of I alums in CGB and also trade grain almost every day with alums who work for other grain companies.”

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