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There are several clubs associated with the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, and there are hundreds of Registered Student Organizations at Illinois. Students may become involved in these clubs from day one on campus.

Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Epsilon Honor Society Delta Chapter is part the national Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, an honor society for outstanding biological and agricultural engineers.
ASABE Student Branch
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition
A student design competition that encourages students to develop innovative robotic solutions to real life problems in the agricultural arena.
Graduate Student Association
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) fosters a stronger community between graduate students in agricultural and biological engineering.
Illini Agricultural Mechanization Club
The Ag Mech Club gives students the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other students, faculty, alumni, and industry contacts.
Illini Pullers
ASABE Quarter-Scale Tractor Design Team

ABE Opportunities

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