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Academy of Teaching Excellence


The members of the Academy are a "think tank" group that meet regularly and discuss current issues in education.  Through such meetings and discussions, the Academy, in cooperation with ACES Academic Programs, has the following objectives:

 To Provide Teaching Development Programs

  • Teaching Seminars and Symposia
  • Student/Faculty Teaching Roundtables
  • Cultural Diversity Workshops
  • Teaching Enhancement Grants

 To Provide Leadership and Support to Foster Advances in Instruction

  • Curricula Development
  • Enrichment of General Education Course Components
  • Enhancement of Academic Advising and Mentorship
  • Internationalization of the Curricula
  • New Course Development
  • Innovations in Teaching Methods
  • Technology Utilization

 To Promote Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Education

  • Faculty Teaching Awards
  • Faculty Advising Awards
  • Undergraduate Student Recognitions
  • Graduate Student Recognitions