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ACES Teaching and Learning Academy Course

ACES Teaching and Learning Academy Course

The ACES Teaching and Learning Academy Course is a collaborative 8-week faculty development program designed to enhance the teaching skills that faculty members already possess, while developing new competencies that will make instructional design, delivery, and assessment even more effective.  The two overarching objectives of the ACES Teaching and Learning Academy Course are to:

  1. Enhance faculty teaching effectiveness and efficiency by sharing best teaching and learning practives grounded in teaching and learning research findings; and
  2. Develop and foster a teaching community, similar to the communities that have evolved related to the research and outreach missions of the University of Illinois.

Class session typically include time for interactions with colleagues, sharing of best teaching and learning practices, and reflection and dialogue about individual progress.  Participants will have the opportunity to visit the classrooms of excellent teachers, obtain informal early feedback, become involved in peer observation of their teaching, craft a teaching philosophy statement, and be exposed to a wide variety of ACES and campus teaching enhancement activities and resources.

The ACES Teaching and Learning Academy Course is sponsored by the ACES Academy of Teaching Excellence.

For additional information please contact Associate Dean Prasanta Kalita,