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Aryls Conrad International Teaching Award Program


More needs to be done to internationalize the Illinois experience for all students in the College of ACES. Faculty are key to teaching global competencies, to bringing international perspectives into the classroom, and to helping students take advantage of educational opportunities that exist abroad. Thus, a share of the ARLYS CONRAD funds shall be devoted to increasing the number of courses that are offered in the ACES that have a substantial international content and/or experience. 

The purpose of the ARLYS CONRAD International Teaching Enhancement Award program is to encourage the teaching faculty of the College of ACES to integrate international content and education abroad experiences, into new and existing curricula.   Awards ($500 to $10,000) will be provided to develop and implement unique and promising international education enhancement activities by faculty members.  This program is funded by the ARLYS CONRAD Endowment gifted to the College of ACES in 2009.

One of the overarching goals of the University is to internationalize the Illinois Experience. This particular award program contributes to that goal by expanding the teaching of global skills and knowledge through either the creation of new courses or course modules with international components or the enhancement of existing courses or course modules. Courses may be taught on campus, abroad, online, or in collaboration with a foreign institution using teleconferencing or other technology, or a combination thereof. Both full semester and 8-week courses are eligible for support as are shorter study tours conducted over winter, spring, or summer breaks if they are tied to a specific course or curricula.

Workshops may be offered periodically to help faculty identify and use appropriate pedagogical methods for integrating international experiences and content into their curricula.  Consultation for designing courses with an international component will also be available from Jessa Barnard, Director of ACES Study Abroad Programs, and the Campus Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL).

The courses that are created or enhanced through the Arlys Conrad International Teaching Enhancement Award Program will be considered for inclusion in the ACES International Minor catalogue of approved courses.

Application Process

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All applicants must ask their department or unit head to endorse their proposal.

The following information should be supplied by those applying for an International Teaching Enhancement Award:

  1. Name
  2. Department
  3. Rank or position
  4. Course Title and  Number
  5. Strategy for recruiting ACES students to the program and target enrollment numbers for the course/module (including an estimate of how many ACES students they anticipate would enroll).   Provide student enrollment data over the past three times the course was offered, or expected enrollment if a new course is involved.
  6. Purpose and specific activities for which the funding will be used. A clear description must be provided of the learning outcomes that will be achieved, and the global knowledge and competencies that will be strengthened, through participation in this course or education abroad activity.
  7. Effect of the activity on the internationalization of undergraduate instruction in the College of ACES.
  8. Funding level requested with itemization of proposed expenditures ($10,000 limit).  A total program budget, including a per student program fee; must also be included.  Please do not include scholarships as proposed expenditures.  The ACES Study Abroad Office (123 Mumford) has additional scholarship funds; please consult with Jessa Barnard, Director of Study Abroad, for information as to how students may apply for travel grants or scholarships.
  9. Date for the beginning and expected completion of the project.
  10. A brief letter (or email) of support from the faculty member’s department head should be sent directly to the Associate Dean, Prasanta Kalita ( This letter should indicate the department’s support of this proposal and its intention to sustain this course, course module, or program over the coming years. This letter should include information about how often the department plans to offer the program or course (e.g., annually, once every 2 years) and how it will be sustained over time (i.e., how the program will be financed beyond the 2-year term of this grant).

Although not required, faculty are encouraged to meet with Jessa Barnard, Director of ACES Study Abroad Programs, to discuss proposal ideas.

Each proposal will be independently reviewed by 2 or 3 members of ACES Academy of Teaching Excellence.




RFP is announced

October 1

February 19

Proposals are due

November 1

March 15

Proposals are reviewed

November 1-20

March 16-6

Notification of awards

December 2

April 13

Proposals must be submitted (electronically) no later than 5 p.m. on the due date.  The number of proposals funded will depend on the quality of the proposals and the overall level of funds available.

Please email Anne Stites with any questions.

Submission of Final Report

Award recipients will be required to file a report on the effectiveness of their project as well as an updated executive summary which will be posted on the ACES Academy of Teaching Excellence webpage. Final reports are due one year following the notification of the award.

Transfer of Funds

Funds will be transferred to the faculty member after the final report for the project is received and approved. Faculty members who are in need of funds to conduct their projects prior to this time should consult with their department heads or request an advance.