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Student Absences

When students contact their instructor about absences, it is at the decision of the instructor how work missed can or should be completed.

It is very important that this information be clearly spelled out in the course syllabus. A clear policy known to students in advance sets expectations and ensures consistency among students.

This webpage offers advice to students about class attendance and absences.

The Office of the Dean of Students, in some cases, may provide absence letters for students for ten days after the student has returned. To qualify, the student must meet criteria outlined in the Class Attendance Policy in the Student Code of Conduct.

Students with absences very near to the end of the term, may request an I grade for a course or courses. Instructors may also request an I grade be assigned to a student in their course. I grades are only to allow the completion of missed work from the time of a specific event forward, not to make up work missed though out the semester. In those cases, withdrawal may be more appropriate. Instructors wishing to assign an I grade to an undergraduate should contact an Assistant Dean in the ACES Office of Academic Programs.

Please use this form to report ACES students not attending your course or students for which you have other concerns related to their success. The Office of Academic Programs or the Department of enrollment will attempt to contact the student and offer assistance.