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Advisor's Toolbox

Policies, procedures, and contact information seem to be ever in flux, which can be frustrating when advising. Below are important, up-to-date reference materials for advisors to familiarize themselves with and keep handy for responding to advisees’ inquiries.

Office of the Provost Advising Website

A wealth of information, updated each academic year, with links to resources most frequently used by advisors, including academic calendars and deadlines, the Course Information Suite, FERPA, and links to DARSweb for advisors and the Student Code:

The Student Code

The Student Code is the authoritative source for rules applying to undergraduate students on the Urbana-Champaign campus. Most answers to questions about academic policies can be found in Article 3. All students should be familiar with the Student Code.

College of ACES Academic Programs Contact Guide

Provides contact information in alphabetical order on many issues, from absence from class to undergraduate research.

View the Contact Guide

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