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Advising Basics

To be admitted to the University of Illinois, individuals must have academic credentials that indicate a strong likelihood of academic achievement on this campus. Such credentials, however, do not ensure success. The adjustments to college and campus life are by no means easy. Adapting to new environments, new freedoms, and new demands without the security of family and old friends can sometimes be uncomfortable and demanding.

Many students are firmly committed to academic majors before enrolling, while others enroll without well-defined educational and career goals. ACES 101 is offered each fall for freshmen in the College. This course is designed to acquaint students with the University and to facilitate exploration of the College’s majors, both as fields of study and as opportunities for career choices. ACES 101 also presents key issues facing society today. A similar course, ACES 200, is offered for new transfer students.

Every student in the College is assigned an academic advisor in the department of her or his major. Although each department in ACES structures advising differently, in general if a student believes that a different academic advisor can better meet academic needs and interests, the student should contact the advising coordinator in her or his department to discuss making a change.

In addition to departmental advising coordinators and academic advisors, the ACES Academic Programs staff (128 Mumford Hall, 217-333-3380, can provide information regarding academic progress, grade requirements, honors, international study experiences, College and University regulations, and multiple other issues regarding academic progress.

ACES Advising Philosophy

Our mission as academic advisors in the College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences is to empower each student to realize his or her potential. Through shared responsibility with our students, we foster the development of professional, self-sufficient, ethical citizens and exemplary leaders in local and global communities.

The ACES Expectations of students and advisors in terms of the advising relationship are available on the web.