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Study Abroad FAQs

What kind of planning should I do for Study Abroad?

If you think you might want to pursue a study abroad experience, talk with the Director of Education Abroad in ACES Academic Programs and let your academic advisor know! That way, he or she will be able to help you plan your course work so that your time overseas won't disrupt your regular progress toward your degree. You can also work with your advisor as you identify which courses you might take overseas.

Will study abroad courses meet any of my graduation requirements?

Study abroad programs offer many kinds of courses; what you'll find in any given program will depend on the course offerings at the place you'll be studying. Many of the programs offered through the College of ACES offer courses in agricultural topics, and a few have courses in areas related to specific majors within the College. Any courses you complete that are ultimately approved for transfer to UIUC will count toward the credit hours required for graduation.

Working with your academic advisor, ACES Academic Programs staff, and study abroad advisors in other departments, you may be able to arrange to have some or all the courses you complete overseas count toward general education and other graduation requirements as well.

Will study abroad mean I'll need to delay my expected graduation date?

No! Most students who study abroad are still able to finish their degree programs without delay. Careful, intentional planning is crucial to make sure you don't interrupt course sequences or miss out on required courses offered only in the semester you're in study abroad. So even first-semester students considering study abroad need to work carefully with their academic advisors to plan their course work.

Contact your academic advisor and the Director of Education Abroad in ACES Academic Programs as soon as you’re thinking about going abroad to map out a semester-by-semester academic plan.

Do I need to speak a foreign language fluently to participate in study abroad?

It's your choice. Courses in many study abroad programs are taught in English, those in some others are taught in the local language. So don't let lack of foreign language skills keep you from exploring overseas study.

Does a semester of study abroad cost more than a semester on campus?

Costs for study abroad programs vary. But in many cases your costs for tuition and fees will be no more than at U or I and your room and may in fact be less. Transportation to your study abroad site is usually a significant cost. But virtually all your financial aid can be applied to approved study abroad programs. And there are frequently scholarships available to help defray some remaining costs. Check with ACES Academic Programs and UI Study Abroad offices for more information about financial aid for study abroad.

Where can I learn more about Study Abroad opportunities?

To learn about study abroad opportunities offered through the College of ACES, call 217-333-3380 or stop by 123 Mumford Hall to meet with the Director of Education Abroad.

To learn about the full range of Study Abroad opportunities available to U of I students, call or visit the Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (124 International Studies Building, 901 S. Fifth Street), where you can look up information about available programs and learn how to meet with an advisor who can help you as you make your plans. They also have "First Steps" sessions for students interested in starting to plan for a study abroad experience.

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