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During your time in the College of ACES, you’ll want to engage in more than just taking courses. ACES offers exciting opportunities that will bring alive your classroom knowledge related to the agricultural, consumer, and environmental sciences. Experiences with student-led organizations, undergraduate research, study abroad, leadership, and more will help you to sharpen your future plans and goals, making you more competitive for employment and graduate school. And these experiences will enrich your personal and professional networks, opening up a world filled with talented Illini who care about the same things you do.

Engage Academically

General Education

Take your General Education classes in ACES!

Service Learning

Sometimes a course is not a course. In the case of service learning, students enroll in a course, but instead of going to a lecture or discussion, they take part in a real-life project. In addition, some courses offer credit for service-learning opportunities. Search the Class Schedule for current listings in ACES.

Study Abroad

There will be fewer opportunities after college and while you are working to travel abroad, especially for an extended period of time. More than 30% of undergraduates in ACES study abroad.

Study Away

Washington, DC, has a wealth of internship opportunities that Illinois students can take advantage of through the Illinois in Washington (IIW) program. Illinois in Washington students have interned for nonprofits, congressional offices, government agencies, think tanks, and more. IIW will help you find an internship.

Undergraduate Minors

The College of ACES offers more than a dozen minors across the college. Explore the ACES minors.

Undergraduate Research

Illinois is one of the world's top R1 Research Universities. Discoveries are made here every day, and opportunities for undergraduates to participate are plentiful.

Engage Experientially

ACES is home to more than 30 registered student organizations related to our majors.


Leadership development is a process, one that can occur through many different experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.  The College of ACES encourages development of leadership skills through providing a leadership minor, sponsoring student attendance at various leadership conferences and retreats, providing support for different clubs and organizations in the college, and more!

Sustainable Student Farm

The farm serves as a production farm to supply our residence halls with locally grown, low-input sustainable food. In addition, the farm acts as a living laboratory to connect students, community members, and the state at large with regional, small-scale food systems. We plan to broaden our focus to include the research, education, and outreach missions of the university.


An internship is the perfect opportunity to sample career choices. It is the chance to answer these questions:

  • Do I like the day-to-day activities of the job?
  • Do I like this particular company/organization?
  • Are there related positions that I discovered during this experience?
  • Do I like those positions more than the one I was planning to pursue?
  • Do I want to try something a little different in my next internship to get different experiences?

Child Development Lab

As a university-based laboratory school with its home in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, the Child Development Laboratory (CDL) provides high-quality care to the 160 enrolled children and their families, while at the same time supporting teaching, research, and outreach activities of faculty, staff, and students on the U of I campus.

Family Resiliency Center

The Family Resiliency Center's (FRC) mission is to discover, translate, and disseminate evidence-based practices that allow families to thrive under challenging conditions. The center recognizes that today's students are tomorrow's practitioners, educators, and researchers. Both graduate and undergraduate students are provided with opportunities to interact with faculty from a broad range of disciplines for hands-on involvement with research projects and the chance to work with our community partners in public engagement efforts, as well as to work with fellow students from other fields. 

Student Advancement Committee 25 Years

Engage Altruistically

ACES Student Advancement Committee

Members of the Student Advancement Committee (SAC) support the ACES Advancement Office and serve as ambassadors for the College of ACES.

Pay It Forward

The I Pay It Forward: Students Helping Students Scholarship Campaign is all about ACES students rallying together to support one another. Our goal is to provide one or more scholarships, funded by ACES students, for ACES students.

ACES Council

The ACES Council has several purposes outlined in its constitution and bylaws. The primary two goals are to facilitate communication between ACES students and faculty and to promote interaction between the ACES Council member organizations.

Student Government and Campus Committees

Campus committees are entities that create policy and execute campus affairs. Student Sustainability, Campus Lighting, and Campus Recreation are only three of the many committees that improve our campus. The Illinois Student Senate nominates students for campus committees through an application process, and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs approves the nominations.