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Increasing Diversity in Public Engagement

Communities and College of ACES students, faculty, and staff are enriched through outreach and service and partnerships with diverse groups. Reaching out through our various programs in Extension and Academic Programs, in communities local and statewide, in underresourced neighborhoods strengthens relationships and helps ACES students, faculty, and staff better understand issues involving such groups and promote equity. 

University of Illinois Extension conducts a wide variety of programs with Illinois residents, families, and communities, including Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, Save our Urban Land, and Spanish Language Program. In diverse and underresourced neighborhoods surrounding the University of Illinois, there are community gardening projects and outreach to migrant families. ACES students and student clubs are encouraged to be actively engaged in the local community  through Teach for America and activities at youth agencies, elderly homes, and other locales. Local residents are invited to participate in various events on campus.

You can help create greater awareness and understanding of the current resources available to community residents from the College of ACES and University of Illinois, promote better understanding, and can address issues throughout underresourced communities involving children, youth, and families. Such engagement gives these neighborhoods a public voice where one does not always exist.