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Increasing Graduate Student Diversity and Retention

Creating a pool of diverse people with advanced degrees to solve tomorrow's complex global problems.

  • Promoting institutional collaborations with minority–serving institutions and other majority institutions with strong diversity goals would have the most immediate impact on building a critical mass of diverse students and fellows. Productive and cooperative long-term relationships and interactions between ACES faculty and other faculties can diversify the pool of students pursuing degrees as scientists and educators, and thus diversify the faculty and professionals holding degrees from the University of Illinois.
  • According to the USDA Food and Agricultural Education Information System, the percentage of minority graduate students enrolled in ACES (9.3%) is fourth among peer Big Ten agricultural institutions.
  • A major strength of ACES and the university is the national reputation for research, which attracts top diverse talent for graduate studies. Fellowships and graduate assistantships are needed to support them.
  • Undergraduate Research Programs provide insights and experiences that encourage academically talented students to pursue graduate degrees, including: