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Frequently Asked Questions

My student is in junior high. Can they participate in the RAP program?

Only current Sophomores and Juniors can apply to RAP

I participated in RAP last year. What is available for me?

Students interested in a second RAP experience are encouraged to re-apply to RAP.  Former RAP participants may be considered for an advanced RAP laboratory research component. The final decision on whether this program will be offered and whom will be invited will be made by the Program Director.

What makes a student eligible for RAP?

The students application essay, class rank (top 25% of their class) grades and recommendations from teachers and counselors play a role in the selection process. 

Is there a stipend?

There is no stipend for RAP.  There may be a small stipend for those returning for a second year to RAP, depending upon individual's overall results in the program and subject to the Program Director's discretion.

How much does the program cost?

Housing, meals and supplies are provided.  There is no fee to apply, however, after accepting an invitation to participate in the Research Apprentice Program and the USDA Ag Discovery Program there is a $50.00 equipment and technology usage fee.

What supporting documents should I turn in after I fill out my application?

All applicants need to turn in the following before the deadline of March 15, 2019:

  1. Teacher recommendation form
  2. Counselor recommendation form
  3. High School Transcript 

Please send transcripts and documents to:

ACES/Academic Programs/RAP
128 Mumford Hall
1301 West Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801

You may also send recommendation forms as an attachment via email to Diana Rodriguez

If my supporting documents are post marked by the deadline date will my items be accepted?

Only items received in our office by the deadline to be considered.

My student has never been away from home. Is there more information about the program that we can look over?

Please visit our "Guide for Parents and Participant"

I have been accepted into the program and have questions about the dorms I will be staying in.

When accepted into the program we will send you that information. For questions about what is allowed in your dorm room visit our Guide For Parents And Participants page under "Items To Bring"

I live in town. Do I have to stay in the dorms?

Yes. Beyond the academic benefits of the program, RAP also allows you to get a feel for what college life will be like.

I was accepted into one of the summer programs, can I go home on the weekends?

Going home on the weekends is not encouraged. There will be many weekend activities going on on campus that would be beneficial for you to participate in.

What is the USDA Ag Discovery Program and where can I apply?

It is a 5-week on campus experience designed for High School students interested in animals and environment. Read a more detailed description and apply

I was accepted into a program. What types of clothing should I bring?

Please see our Guide For Parents and Participants for a list of acceptable and non acceptable articles of clothing.

Does my student need to pay for their own meals on weekends?

No.  The programs cover 20 meals per week, which includes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and lunch and dinner on Sunday.  If they desire to eat outside of the residence hall cafe.  The University of Illinois is a very diverse campus with a wide array of restaurants at every price range. There is a restaurant on campus that will surely fit your students wants.

I'm not a U.S. citizen. Can I participate in summer programs?

Only U.S. citizens and legal residents may participate in the RAP and USDA Ag Discovery component.

I am not a resident of the state of Illinois. Can I participate in summer programs?

Yes, we accept students that are not residents of the state of Illinois.

My student is interested in Animal Science and/or Environmental Sciences. Which program should they apply to? RAP or USDA?

Your student should apply to USDA if interested in veterinary medicine. For environmental sciences they can apply to either or both.  The USDA application can be found Here

Can I apply to USDA Ag Discovery and RAP?

Yes. Each requires a separate application and review process.  If selected for more than one the student will be asked to choose.

I was accepted into the program but I do not have a state issued I.D. will a School I.D. be acceptable?

No. Acceptable forms of I.D. are, State Issued Photo I.D., Drivers License, or Passport. Please visit your local DMV to obtain your I.D.