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We in ACES know that diversity is essential if we are to solve tomorrow’s global challenges. We are building bridges to ensure that students achieve success. We are deepening the inclusiveness of our academic community and enhancing leadership development among all of our students.

Our Mission

Stimulating creativity, promoting the exchange of ideas, and enriching life experiences through diversity are critical to the mission of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. As a leading land-grant college, we are committed to respecting, valuing and nurturing the diversity of our faculty, staff and student body through our programs, policies, and practices. We believe that the educational experience of all students in the College can best be enhanced when its membership adequately represents the diversity of the broader population and when the full value of inclusiveness is shared and permeated throughout all of our activities.

Outreach Programs

Supporting the educational mission of the College of ACES by recruiting an academically talented & diverse student body