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Technical Systems Management

The Technical Systems Management (TSM) program is a 4-year undergraduate degree program administered by the College of ACES resulting in a bachelor of science degree. You will study technology systems, business and economics (including organization, operations, management, marketing, and sales), and oral and written communications.

Specializations include:

  • construction management;
  • mechanization, marketing and technology management systems;
  • environmental systems; and
  • production systems.

This major prepares students as problem solvers for systems involving the application, management, and/or marketing of agricultural engineering technologies.

  • Technical Systems Management students focus on the application of engineering principles, the study of technology used in agriculture, and the integration of business management concepts in the food and agricultural industries.
  • Students planning to work in agricultural production or to serve as a manager for production systems select electives that are geared toward crop sciences, animal production, farm management, commodities marketing, and other production-based classes.
  • Students interested in environmental protection study soil, air, and water quality; irrigation and drainage; erosion control; and the effective utilization of natural resources.
  • Career opportunities are vast and varied. TSM graduates can work for major equipment companies, manage a golf course, evaluate new products for a chemical company, or build and race monster trucks.

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